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Seed Paper

Sustainable, Eco-friendly and uniquely beautiful.

Sustainable: the paper is made from a mixture of torn up pieces of paper product and water (known as the pulp.) The paper and cardboard that inevitably comes into each of our lives and is thrown in the waste bin can now be repurposed.


Eco friendly: Green material that falls on the table during floral designing and various seed varieties are scattered throughout the pulp. This is then pressed into various sizes of paper that can later be planted directly in Mother Earth’s soil or a favorite windowsill pot. Even the ink we use when branding a hanging tag is biodegradable and earth friendly.

Uniquely beautiful: Everything that goes into our seed paper is always changing— the paper product we tear up for the pulp, the seeds we sprinkle in, the petals we choose to crush up that all makes each piece of paper “one of a kind."

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Final TRB Highlight Covers-05.jpg
Final TRB Highlight Covers-05.jpg
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