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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

“More flowers, please?” This request has been guiding my creativity and direction for quite some time now. I know how flowers make me feel—appreciated, loved, thought of, and special—and I want others to feel that same way (and more often). Even when flowers are used for more somber events or to go along with a “Get Well Soon” card, I’ve noticed they still bring the same feelings of genuine love and care. A simple bouquet of fresh flowers can say a lot more than just “thank you” or “I love you.” Oftentimes, they even say it a lot better than we could.

And because flowers have this intimate, genuine and simple voice, I want their influence to be included more in day to day life. In this endeavor, The Addition of Flowers Memoir was created.

This will be a public journal of sorts and I look forward to sharing my passion, ideas, and projects in this new way. My vision is to share with you, whomever you may be, how flowers can be used and incorporated into our lives more than we may realize. And if you ever ask “why are you sharing any of this?” Think back to the last time you purposely set down a vase full of fresh flowers you were just given (or you gave someone else that experience), and think of how you felt in that moment—that’s my why.

Of course, I personally know it is not feasible or even desired to purchase or receive lavish arrangements every day. If that were to ever be possible for someone, I would imagine flowers as a gift wouldn’t be appreciated or valued as much as they are now. However, I know there are other subtle, simple, and impactful ways we can use flowers more. This is what has been on my mind for years, and I look forward to getting these thoughts on “paper.” I hope some of these shared thoughts spark new ideas for yourself on how to introduce flowers more in day to day life.

My current plan is to write once a month—at least for now as this is a new venture for me! I’ll do my best to keep them simple, helpful and focused on beautiful flowers + greens (because that’s why we are reading through this, right?).

Subscribe below and discover what the addition of flowers can do within your own life.

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