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A Flower Subscription Service

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

This started out as purely a dream during my last few semesters in college—one of those unlikely dreams where you wish you could make it happen but it feels extremely unrealistic at the time. In a college course focused solely on cut flowers, we learned of this woman who started a flower subscription service within her big city (Farmgirl Flowers is her company's name, and I have her to thank). She bought her product from local growers and had several delivery people riding around the city on bikes, dropping off flowers. I was mesmerized by this idea of taking a trade that can be fast-paced, all while being both physically and creatively taxing, and making it feel more simple, sustainable, and authentic. I spent the remainder of the class fantasizing about a concept like this for Taylor Rae Bouquet. I remember texting one of my sisters and husband an enthusiastic and very, very long paragraph of my newfound daydream. And for the next year or so, it really stayed just that—a dream. It didn’t go anywhere, BUT it also never died. Thankfully.

After a full year of being unsure if this could ever happen within my small business, of slowly pulling ideas, rough drafts, resources, and plans together, Taylor Rae Bouquet’s Subscription Service started to take shape. In March 2020, I took my first big step towards making this an actual reality. We made a video for this new service. The intent of this video was to go through the entire process of setting up a flower subscription while showing how straightforward it can be for the customer. I want people to feel the simplicity of adding flowers to their life.

After many long hours of rough drafts and sketches, it really was my husband, Dallin, who brought this promotional video to life — all while perfectly capturing my vision. Coincidentally, my little sister was visiting the same weekend we were filming, and we persuaded her to be the model. She was perfect (and I was grateful because I was not thinking through every scene logistically. It would have been a bit harder to hand flowers to myself—which was a scene we needed in the video). We had a lot of good laughs. I can’t even admit how many takes we took of the scene where flowers are simply placed on a TV stand. Kudos to all the hand models out there.

Although it took some time, that was honestly the fun part. And that became even more evident as I spent the next several months finalizing the fine details with lots of (not so fun) behind-the-scenes things: planning out the logistics, setting up a website storefront, finding funds, making content, advertising, etc.

Amongst the busy office work, I had one final STUNNING photo shoot to help get content for the launch...which deserves it’s own journal entry all by itself. It was there, surrounded by supportive people, seeing my visions brought to life and knowing this was the final step before our launch date, that it all became real.

My little daydream that was born in a college classroom grew into a business that day. The final few weeks before the launch became late nights, early mornings, too many technical difficulties, hours of more brainstorming, then inevitably, a dream come true. And as of December 8, 2020 the Taylor Rae Bouquet Subscription Service was in full flight.

All I’ve wanted to do since I found this passion of floral design is to bring more flowers into people’s homes and lives—that’s it. I’ve put a lot of thought, love, and passion into this project with a great deal of help, advice, wisdom, and creativity from other people—which I still seek out. I look forward to putting all of it to good use and placing more flowers in your hands.

If you haven’t already, visit our Subscription section within our website. Lot’s of planning, dreaming, and love will be behind every arrangement brought to your door. That I can promise.

Picture Credit: Dallin Sheldon

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