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Delivery Information

  • Deliveries will be made on Monday's between 5-7 or Tuesday's between 2-7 pm. You can tell us of your preferences within our subscription form. There are typically additional delivery days around certain holidays (i.e. Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Christmas, etc.) and each customer will be informed of these days when appropriate.

  • To ensure that every arrangement can be properly enjoyed and cared for, we strongly encourage someone be physically present to receive the flowers. If no one is home upon delivery we will leave them on your doorstep. If the temperature is below 35 degrees Fahrenheit, we will attempt to leave them with a close by neighbor to ensure the flowers do not freeze. If an arrangement is left on the doorstep or with a neighbor, we will inform the customer via email and/or text message within the hour of initial delivery. Once the arrangement has left our hands, the customer has full responsibility for it.

  • Any legitimate code used at checkout will apply to the first three months of any subscription order.

  • If a subscription form is submitted between Wednesday and Saturday of the last week in a month, no arrangement will be delivered that same month. Your first arrangement will be made the following month.

  • Bimonthly info: If subscription forms are submitted the last two weeks of the month, only one arrangement may be delivered within that same month. If this is the case, the second arrangement will be delivered at the tail end of the subscription period. For example, a 3 bi-monthly long subscription is purchased on January 26th. The first arrangement will be delivered on January 30th, then for February-June, 2 arrangements will be delivered each month. One final arrangement will be delivered in July to account for the 2nd arrangement not delivered in January due to the form sent in at the end of that month.

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